Fall 2019 Colors


With summer almost over and fall approaching, I started to look at my summer wardrobe and wonder what can rotate into fall. I am a big fan of jackets or an over-sized cardigan sweater with leggings or jeans and some boots or heels, with my affinity scarf and I have a whole outfit for either work or play. There is no reason for you to put up all your summer clothes. Many of those same items can be used in the fall/winter; you just need to figure out how to pair them. A nice sleeveless dress can be paired with a sweater or jacket and some tights and booties or boots and Voila’ you have a new outfit for the fall/winter. So many things in our wardrobe can be switched around to make a new outfit or to fit the season; this includes colors too.

As, I was watching the Fall/Winter Fashion Week collections and then switched to the recent Spring/Summer collection, I noticed how many of the colors did not change as much. The trend for fall/winter is full of color. Of course, you have your standard can’t go wrong with black, but they had added some spice with black, adding in lace and cut-out style patterns and oh checkered shirts and jackets. I am sure you remember as a kid or teenager wearing those checkered skirts, well they are back in style. Mustard is a go to color for the summer and it has transitioned into fall, adding in honey; so, don’t put it away. Gold, almond, hazelnut and deep browns are also in this fall. Orange floated its way into summer and its moving into fall as well with a heavy focus on deeper oranges. Blue seems to be here to stay as well as shades of purple. The other two colors that I am excited about are green and fuchsia. I love fuchsia because it is a color for all seasons and it’s a perfect color to pair with darker shades such as a deep blue or a red to add some pop to any outfit. Emerald green and pistachio are two stand out shades for the fall. One color that was unexpected was gray. I saw a lot of gray walking the fall/winter collection and I loved it. Since, shades of white are still in style for the fall you can pair it with a nice cream top or jacket or even a shade of blue or purple. You can splash colors together or mix patterns with colors, the rule that colors must match is no longer a staple to go by but don’t get too crazy; just make sure it flows.

Now as you are figuring out your fall/winter collection. Do not forget about your staple rhinestone/crystal earrings from Shotzie’s Way. Big rhinestone earrings are in style as well as dangling/long earrings. Even if you do not have an extra hole or two in your ear, you can still decorate your ear with ear crawlers and ear cuffs. Don’t forget to layer your necklaces and bangles and your wardrobe will be complete.

Enjoy the last week of summer and remember, summer never goes completely away, you will always have it in your wardrobe to keep you and your summer memories warm in the fall/winter.

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