It’s funny as a young girl growing up; I was never allowed to go anywhere alone. I always had to have someone with me. As we get older, that is still a thing for us and a struggle for a lot of women to go at it alone. I believe it’s because our parents/elders imbedded into us, it was never safe to do things on our own, because we are women/young ladies.  No one would ever question a man or young boy, but women get questioned every day. However, in the past year, solo travel has increased for females.

Fewer women are waiting for friends or partners to travel with them but going at it alone. Even, Saudi Arabia has joined the movement and lifted the ban on women needing permission to travel solo or needing a man to travel with them. That speaks volumes about how far we have come as women. We still hear that old saying of, “it’s too dangerous to go alone” or “you can get kidnapped/robbed, etc.”

Women are shaking off those negative words and thoughts and finding the strength to go at it alone. Sure, it can be scary at first as you chart into the unknown but it is also very empowering to be able to do what you want, go where you want, and be who you are. 

Just recently, I embarked on a solo journey that took me across the world and back. Was I nervous? Yes, indeed. Did it stop me from having fun? No it did not. If anything it made me feel strong, powerful and resilient. I was so comfortable in the skin I was in, that I started to enjoy eating alone and having drinks by myself at the bar. I met some wonderful people along the way and made new friends. I felt happy and it was so invigorating that I did not want it to end. When boarding my flight home, I walked with so much confidence and felt at peace with myself. I had glow about me and knew who I was and was comfortable. When going through immigration/passport, the man asked if I traveled alone, I looked at him with a smile and said yes, and he smiled back and said that’s perfectly okay and I exhaled. 

Guest Blogger,

-Bethany White

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  • Lisa Williams

    I think it’s a great thing for women to do things alone. I’m too a FLYING SOLO woman. 6 yrs. ago I refined my life getting rid of people, places and things that hindered my growth in life. I travel alone, I take myself out for dinner, for cocktails and even to shows. I love having Private Parties with me myself and I.

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