Happy New Year: Unnecessary Baggage

In 2019, I took a long 2 ½ week trip (solo I may add) and spent 6 days of that trip in Bali. When I returned I felt like a brand new woman and could have sworn something in Bali got a hold of me and made me completely unbothered. I stopped caring about what people thought of me at work and started speaking up for myself more, I cut off friendships that were not really friendships, and I started unloading all the baggage that I had accumulated over the years. Those attachments to negative things, I recognized were still in my house and therefore still creating negative energy. Even some of those things, I felt brought me joy, I recognized; I only brought them to fulfill a need/desire, that I was not getting (implosive shopping, etc.).

As, I began to unload, my mind became a lot clearer and started to feel a lot happier. As if the dark clouds were being parted with sunshine and fresh air. The last thing I needed to face was a room that I had begun to hate and ignore. I despised that room because of the person that use to be in it or for better words, because of the person I use to share that room with. Before I could fully unload all that baggage, I had to face one more issue with that person and when the final email came and I saw everything had been said and done, I opened the door to that room and begin to smile and started removing everything and anything that would block my positive space and mentality and make me go back to that negative space; and bring bad energy. I am not completely finished but as I purged I felt more at peace with myself then I ever had been before.

When walking into 2020, I no longer cared about a lot of things. I was carrying myself differently now and walking into a bright light and not a dark one. See ladies and gentleman, when you start to let go of the unnecessary baggage then things start to be a lot clearer and brighter for you. People will even look at you and wonder “what’s up with her/him?” They may even try to bring you back to that negative space but nope, I am walking differently now and it’s nothing you can do to block my positive energy/blessings. As you unload that baggage and move forward, you will see your life moving in a positive direction. I am not saying everything will be peachy but you will have the necessary mind set to face problems in a different way then you dealt with them before.

So, I challenge you in 2020 to let go of that unnecessary baggage and walk in positivity. 

Guest Writer

-Bethany White


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