Wow, what a worldwind we've been through! Well it's been awhile, and I'm sure everyone's mental status is hanging on by a thread, and we all could use a much needed vacation to bury our toes in the sand. I know we aren't traveling much right now, but don't take your dream destination off your vision board yet, change is always uncomfortable in the beginning, but than it becomes the new normal.
I had to wrestle with several thoughts regarding my business, I'm so passionate about it, but what do I do now?, how do I restructure?, or should I even continue?, However, I started to remember 2 things:
1. Nothing is more important than making a woman feel beautiful!
2. The charities I pledged to support through my business are counting on me.
I had the pleasure of donating to Love46, a charity dedicated to rescuing children from trafficking.  Let me tell you it was so rewarding and I could not have done it without your help, so thank you!
Things that I have done to keep me grounded that may help you:
✔ Meditation - great for soothing the soul
✔ Hot Bath with Sea Salt, Essential Oils, & Candles (checkout
✔ Give Unconditional love 
✔ Maintain A Positive Attitude 
✔ Practicing Gratefulness 
✔ Pray
✔ Disconnect when needed from social media, news, and anything that vibrates low
I know times are leaving a big ❓ about the future, however, I'm hear to say "This Too Shall Pass."
Lastly, don't forget to come visit me at:

PS: Where there is love; there is life!


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