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When we are young, having patients isn’t something that we really think about or feel that we need. However, as we get older, patients becomes the main ingredient to getting anything done in life, especially when it involves people. When walking around with a friend, he complained about how much he dislikes people because of the things they do and often wonders why they do what they do. I did not have an answer for him but I told him you have to learn some patients and not everyone is cut from the same cloth.

Even in today’s political climate, I often find people being frustrated, not listening to one another, and just pushing through without stopping, listening, digesting, and coming together to figure out the best solution; once again not having patients. If we weren’t so quick to judge or to speak and exercised patients, maybe our political world would be in a much better position.

In our everyday world if we used patients with others, maybe we would feel less stressed and be more understanding. I find myself trying to get better at it and it is a constant struggle because I may want a task done right away or need an answer quickly or when am waiting in line and want the person in front of me to hurry up and become insanely frustrated. My mind reminds me to stop, breath, think and be a little patient. 

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-Bethany White

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