Spring Is Coming - Trends 2020

Statement Necklace

Yes, I know what you are thinking but March is quickly approaching and soon instead of clouds, rain, and snow, we will be feeling the warmth of spring flowers and you will need to prepare your closet for all the fashionable spring trends.

I always tell my friends to not throw away certain styles of clothing because it will come back and sure enough Bermuda shorts are back in style. For everyday business wear you can pair them with a nice jacket. If you are short and not super leggy than pair them with flats instead of heels, so it does not stunt your height. Another spring trend that some may raise an eyebrow too is hot pants. Now, when I first saw this on the runaway, I was like “I don’t know about that” but I noticed they came in a range of styles from really short to baggy. The fun thing about hot pants is that you can style them with leggings and they look great with knee high boots or pumps. Anyway you wear them; your legs will look great.

Crochet, Crochet, Crochet, it is no longer just for swimsuits but now you can wear it every day if you like. Crochet dresses can look very chic with a good pair platforms, pumps or flats.

I love me some statement necklaces, so when I saw collar necklaces hit the runway, I was ecstatic.  These collar necklaces are not your typical dainty and slim ones but big and chunky; they really standout. So, make sure you grab one and they can be layered too. You can pair it with your Shotzie’s way statement bracelet or ring.

Now, this isn’t the full list but I thought I give you something to get started. Stay tune for part 2. 


Guest Blogger,

-Bethany White


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