Me trying to excel in my career,

Maintain a social life, drink enough

water, exercise, text everyone back

stay sane, survive and be happy 


Having a 40 hour or more work week and still having to find time to wash cloths, cook, clean, and have fun with family and friends can be difficult. Knowing how to prioritize life events can become a job within itself. How do you find time to do anything? 

Serena Williams did an interview in people magazine and said, “Finding the perfect work-life balance has been so hard.” Serena was doing what we non-celebrates do every day; being a mom, working a long week, finding time for our spouses and family. We as women can have it all and do it all. However, we have to remember “Rome was not built in a day”

One thing I had to learn not to do, is to take on more than I can chew and learn how to say no. I started making myself a list of what was important and scheduling time with friends and love ones. In addition, I created a vision board and a goal list for myself. 

As I watch Serena push herself on the tennis court and learning the ropes of being a mom and a wife and having a career, it gives me hope that I too can have it all. She admitted to it being difficult but hasn’t given up and works at it everyday. We as women should never give up but learn when we have pushed ourselves to the limit and need to slow down, smell the roses, re-prioritize and then keep going. You can still be Superwoman but even she had to create a balance.

Guest Blogger,

-Bethany White


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