You've Arrived! Blog Post



I remember one day my navigator saying, “you’ve arrived,” and I thought to myself, “yes I have.”

Despite all the controversy we have encountered this year; you and I are still standing and fighting our way through.  I know it’s been awhile, but I’ve been so busy with upgrading, treasure hunting, and reassuring myself that life will move on towards the positive so that is what I try to focus on the positives. Whenever live pushes you in the wrong direction, I employ you to move towards the positive, remember what is currently good around you and feed off of that and believe me it will get you through until the next moment you need to do it again.

In my search for building gratitude I found a newfound love for all things “VINTAGE,” especially jewelry,

who knew there was such a love for old things?  Maybe certain things remind you of a happier of time in your life, a pleasant memory that lingers from your grandparents, mom, or dad.  I have learned that vintage brings more than just intricate design, but a flood of positive energy and memories that are still cherished.  I am astonished, because as fast as I locate the rare finds; that just as fast as they go, before I can even get them up on the website.  I still have my beautiful new items, but now I am giving you extreme options of the old and new.


I love all my customers and I really work hard to bring you the best, because you deserve it!

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